Covering Continental United States, Canada and United Kingdom


  Initial calls will be made to all the leads, in reasonable expected time from their receipt through the Moving Software used.

  Follow up calls will be made to all the leads to be conducted daily to several times per week until the leads are reached.

  Initial estimate emails will be sent to all the leads in reasonable expected time from their receipt through the CRM used.

  Follow up emails will be sent to all the leads and will be conducted several times per week until the leads are reached.

  Identifying and tracking bad leads. Sending lead credit requests to lead providers within allotted time for credit.

 Confirmation calls to all moves scheduled to confirm all the moves scheduled within 3 days from Move Date.

Representative will communicate  with customers over the phone and email, should any issues arise during the move. This interaction will be limited to verbal conversations and email conversations with customers on behalf of the company only.


 Review of Online Presence, and make recommendations for improvement.

Provide Verbal and Written response to customer complaints received from booked leads.

 Response in Writing to all Negative and Positive Reviews written by customers online via all websites that post moving reviews provided by the moving company.

 Claims Services on Company’s behalf verbal and in writing.

 Dispatch Services for Local Moves

 Dispatch Services for Long Distance

 Driver Assist for Long Distance


 Virtual Inventory/Survey – Collecting/Surveying the Inventory via a video call with the client.

 Pricing Review – Price Comparison of local competition in your area. Review of pricing and pricing advice to obtain more business and revenue.

 Market Advertising Advice

 Lead Source Review and Tips

 Lead Provider Set-up and Assistance


  In-Person Sales Department Review

Marketing Campaign Strategies

SEO Audit  

 Social Media Management & Marketing Review

Virtual Sales Department Review

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Great Conversations, Creative Follow up & Conversions is the heart of our business. Hear from our happy Clients who kindly shared their opinion.

E&M Budget Movers LLC ★★★★★

Our company has been using Moving Sales Professional for the last 4 months and the results of working with them have been awesome. Sean and Yuriy have been more than helpful to us and would highly recommend any moving company looking for a sales company to check this one out. We are still a new company in the industry and they’ve made it feel like we’ve been in the business for ages.

Morbey Wambui, Owner

6 January 2023

Atlantic Group USA ★★★★★

Review to post If you’re looking for a top notch sales team, I would highly recommend Moving Sales Professionals! I have been with them for two years now, and they do a phenomenal job. The entire team at Moving Sales Professionals, is extremely helpful and reliable. Since signing up with them my sales has increased and it has saved me tons of time, that I can now spend time focusing on other aspects of growing my company.

Anton Boiba, President

30 December 2022

G17logistics ★★★★★

I’ve been using this software for several months now and it has completely transformed the way I work. It’s user-friendly and has all the features I need to manage my business efficiently.

Pasha, Manager

28 December 2022

American Moving & Storage Inc. ★★★★★

Moving Sales Professionals has vastly improved our companies’ sales. Our sales representative Stephanie is highly skilled with handling clients and is very good at adapting to any changes we need to make for our company.

Mike Eybers, Owner

28 December 2022

Handy Relocations LLC ★★★★★

Yuriy, Stephenne, and Macy have been a great part of our team! Moving sales professionals have helped us position ourselves for future growth!

Emile Vincent, Owner

23 December 2022

Handy Relocations ★★★★★

Moving sales professionals has been nothing short of a godsend for our daily operation. They have helped get me off of the phone and also get a better understanding of what our operations and sales processes lack. I would recommend them to other companies!

Jarrel Lowman, CEO

23 December 2022

Handy Relocations ★★★★★

Moving sales professionals has been nothing short of a godsend for our daily operation. They have helped get me off of the phone and also get a better understanding of what our operations and sales processes lack. I would recommend them to other companies!

Jarrel Lowman, CEO

23 December 2022

Easy Relocation ★★★★★

Most professional call center in the industry. Great attention towards detail. Great customer service.

Dimitar Temelkov, Owner

19 December 2022

StarWay Relocation LLC ★★★★★

As new moving company it is extremely important to grow your business as quickly as possible and to do it the right way. Here at Starway Relocation LLC we strive to provide the most professional service and quality. Moving Sales Professionals LLC, has taken care of our sales needs and of our customers in a very professional way. The results have been almost immediate as we saw a significant increase in sales. All of our customers are raving about the quality of customer service and about the professionalism and knowledge of the sales professionals that they talk to. Moving Sales Professionals LLC have provided us with the best possible representation that we could possibly hope for when we signed the contract with them. Their knowledge comes with years of experience and their work is something that we simply didn’t have and couldn’t teach. We can truly rely on Moving Sales Professionals LLC to have our best interest in mind and to represent us in the best possible way, not to mention increase our sales numbers. Thank you Moving Sales Professionals LLC for being there for us.


25 January 2022

American Relocation LLC ★★★★★

We have been working with Moving Sales Professionals LLC and their owner since 2014. In all of our years of business partnership we received consistency, professionalism, sales acumen and industry prowess and know-how. Moving Sales Professionals provides a reliable service that we know we count on. Their professionals have high aptitude and understanding of our industry, our needs as a moving company and the needs of our customers. They have handled a variety of services for us, such as logistics, claims, dispatching, public relations and human resources. The employees of Moving Sales Professionals are real good people too, they go out of their way to help their clients and our customers. On top of all things to be expected of a sales team, Moving Sales Professionals go above in beyond by researching our competitors, by gathering related data, and analyzing all information available to be presented to our customers. They help our customers make an informed decision when they choose our company to handle their moving needs. We are very happy to be partnered with such an amazing company.

Viorel Lesan, Owner

27 December 2018

Great Job Moving and Storage ★★★★★

Great company to work with. They are definitely professionals and know what they are doing. I worked with them with different scenarios and always had a success. I had them running few marketing sources basically as an additional sales rep to my sales team – they did great, booked a lots of business at high rates. Also for several months they have been running my entire sales – again great success. Their sales people can work with any CRM and they can always give you professional advises regarding your rates/fees/etc to make sure you are profitable! Yuriy is a sales professional and very easy person to deal with. Basically you will be in good hands if you work with Moving Sales Professionals.

Alexander Yakimovich, CEO/Founder

25 January 2022

Green Line Relocation & Systems LLC ★★★★★

Moving Sales Professionals LLC has been working with my company for over 5 years. We can always rely on their professionalism, flexibility, industry knowledge and experience. We are very happy with the service that they provide to us and to our customers. They have always provided us with high return rates in sales. Their claim service expertise and efficiency is second to none. Their representatives were always available to us when we needed them. They were always were always working hard to resolve difficult situations when such situations arose. They were able to offer innovative logistics solutions with our scheduling as well. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with them for many years to come. Diana Bruma Owner


27 December 2018

Global Moving Systems ★★★★★

We are very happy with the work being done by Moving Sales Professionals LLC. We saw a significant increase in sales after contracting with them. Many of our customers have given us positive comments about their kind and knowledgable team. We look forward to working with them for many years to come. We have been working with Moving Sales Professionals for a couple of years now. Their team is very experienced at what they do and know all of the ins and outs of the relocation industry. They have helped us increase our sales figures every year. We have yet to have any problems with them as they are easy to work with and we highly recommend checking them out.


24 December 2018

Bestway Relocation Systems LLC ★★★★★

We signed a 6 month contract with Moving Sales Professionals LLC to see if they would bring us the increased sales that they promised. 2 month into it has so far more than panned out. They are booking well above what we were expecting and their professionalism is second to none. Prior to hiring Moving Sales Professionals we had a rotating door at a sales position that is so crucial to our business. Moving Sales Professionals have brought us stability and let us focus on the work and growing our business. We feel comfortable with their service, professionalism, and work ethic. Will be looking forward to extending our contract for many years to come.


24 December 2018